Our Definitive Guide To Homepage SEO

Homepage SEO

When it comes to homepage design for SEO, every website will be different. Depending on the technology used and how the design is implemented it can massively affect SEO and the ability to rank. Below I will be outlining some of the best practices that should be employed when designing and building a website. While it may be difficult to implement every single point, even having a few done properly can make a lot of difference.

SEO Test

A Simple SEO Test

Being an SEO blog, I decided to run a simple SEO test, is it possible to rank competitively with no content on the page. The term I choose to conduct this test on was “dynamic content seo”. Here is a quick run down of key stats for the test and the chosen keyword.

The Future Of SEO

AI and SEO: The Future Of SEO?

Even if you are not in the digital environment, it is highly likely that you will have heard about the topic artificial intelligence, or simply, AI. And no, I am not referring to having watched Terminator.
With AI integrating itself into our mainstream lives, it is an interesting topic. Take for example smartphones, they have embedded little AI’s that act as personal assistants, we have Siri & Cortana as good examples.

5 Simple On Page Optimisation Techniques

5 Simple On-Page Optimisation Techniques

I am not here to bore you with a massive technical overview in to your website or how Google works. I am going to deliver a basic guide (thinking of a small business that would like a few tips on SEO) on a few essential yet super simple-to-implement SEO on-page optimisation techniques that will give each and every page the best chance to rank.

What Is Rankbrain

What Is Rankbrain?

If you are new to the SEO world, then you may not yet be aware of Rankbrain, seasoned SEO’s and people in the industry have been working alongside while learning as much as they can about this technological wonder.

4 Best Free Online Tools

4 Best Free Online Tools

Everyday upon waking up after a long slumber I turn on my computer and open 3 out of my 4 favourite free web tools- Trello, Slack and Google Drive. The fourth and final tool is Typeform, not a daily tool, but nevertheless simply outstanding for free.