Everyday upon waking up after a long slumber I turn on my computer and open 3 out of my 4 favourite free web tools- Trello, Slack and Google Drive. The fourth and final tool is Typeform, not a daily tool, but nevertheless simply outstanding for free.


Trello is by far my favourite of the bunch, with it being the first piece of online software I turn on and use. It has been a part of my digital arsenal since 2015. With its simplistic and colourful display, easy collaboration and other simple project management tools it’s a must have for any business / entrepreneur.

Trello integrates a whole host of different apps and systems, even Slack (see below). Making a combined work-flow very possible.

It offers a free version (which is powerful enough), which I use, and also a premium version. While I am unable to quote on the effectiveness of the premium version, these are the additional benefits.


Slack is new to my arsenal compared to the other free web tools, so I am still learning the many, many keyboard shortcuts. That being said, it is simply fantastic. Imagine Skype on roids. Its system and display are easy to get to grips with, so before you know it you will be messaging away and sending multiple emojis.

Slack is designed with collaboration in mind. Everything is designed to make work-flow and communication seamless. You create these so-called “#channels” and these channels contain whoever you want to collaborate with whether it is department specific, or a company-wide group. You decide.

As mentioned above, it integrates with Trello, but the fun does not stop there. Slack has the ability to work with loads of different online apps, again making the work-flow as combined and seamless as possible.


Typeform, a Barcelona-born company that have been innovating in email surveys for a while now, even their website is truly outstanding. The whole point of their (free) email survey platform is simplicity, and it works. Once you create an account, within 10 minutes you could potentially have a beautiful and functional email survey that you can roll out to the masses.

The functionality doesn’t stop there, it includes its own analytics and deep analysis section, giving you insights into how your survey performed.

I have known small start-ups and big companies use this free platform, while you may not use it daily like the others, it should be part of any marketing efforts and a staple in your free online tools.

Google Drive

Finally, the great and mighty Google. I am a firm user of Google Drive, with its free 15GB of online cloud storage. It has been around for a while so I suppose it needs no introduction, but, even still, it is an online portal that can store documents, create new documents and be viewed across devices.

Being an excel man most of my working life, Google has a very similar system called Google Sheets, it is essentially Google’s own spreadsheet software that lives in Google Drive. It updates in real-time and once you get used to this system as opposed to Excel, you will be flying.

The drive is also a great team collaboration tool, enabling you to share files and permissions. It links up with other online apps, such as Slack, enabling easy access to important documents and files. 15Gb is a fair amount of free storage, but you are able to upgrade and increase your space. The prices are quite reasonable, a must anyone looking for a web based project management tool.

While this list is not exhaustive or anyway in-depth, it provides a brief overview in to my best free online tools.


My name is Thomas Matthews and I started my love of SEO in the little seaside town of Bournemouth. This was over 2 years ago and since then I have never looked back. SEO and marketing has become part of my nature and my future. I am passionate about everything SEO and love constantly learning, you will always catch me reading articles, experimenting in code, learning every aspect of the online landscape.