Idea: Take a relatively low traffic volume search term, and create a dedicated page that slowly adds in on site SEO elements, to see if we can get ranking benefits without content on the page.

Being an SEO blog, I decided to run a simple SEO test, is it possible to rank competitively with no content on the page. The term I choose to conduct this test on was “dynamic content seo”. Here is a quick run down of key stats for the test and the chosen keyword.

Keyword: Dynamic Content SEO

Traffic Volume: 10 – 100

Creation of page: 11/10/2017

Software used: ProRank Tracker

CMS: WordPress

Order of SEO elements applied:

1.       Keyword in URL

2.       Title + Meta Description

3.       H1

4.       Image + alt tag

Starting off, I created a blank page in WordPress, with the term in the URL only. As seen from the image below, no content or SEO elements can be found on the page.

Dynamic content SEO page published on 11/10/2017

Bare bones page, no content, meta tags, nothing. Just the keyword in URL only. Unfortunately due to the current theme, pages appear in the footer. This is the only other instance of the chosen term. (So not 100% accurate)

Ranking Update for just keyword in URL:

Date: 19/10/2017

Position: 86

Movement: +14 positions

So, with nothing else on the page, meta data, images, any type of additional on-page SEO, Google has decided to rank my chosen term. It took 8 days for Google to assign any ranking to this term, I receive updates daily on rankings so it was through constant monitoring.  We are now ranking position 86 through the keyword in the URL only.

With a ranking in place through the URL, I moved on to the next stage. Adding the Title tag and meta description.

Next phase: Title + meta description.

Uploaded Meta data: 19/10/2017

Title: Dynamic Content SEO | Learning Dynamic Aspects Of SEO

Meta Description:  Dynamic content and SEO have had their differences, this article is designed to test and explore various aspects of technical dynamic SEO. Results await!

Ranking update: 27/10/2017

Position: 50

Movement: +36 positions

8 days later, to keep in with the theme of the first ranking instance, I received an email report with the new updated ranking.

As we can see, through the implementation of keyword driven title and meta descriptions, the rank has improved 36 places. Now sitting at position 50. With Google assigning no ranking weight through the meta description, the improved rankings can be attributed to the Title tag only.

Next Phase: H1 Tag

H1 Tag: Dynamic Content SEO

Implemented: 27/10/2017

This is the only piece of content that will be added to the page. I have implemented a H1 tag with the chosen term “Dynamic Content SEO”. No special styling or special meta data tags, a singular H1 tag.

Ranking update: 3/11/2017

Position: 29

Movement: +21 positions

A further 8 days later, the rankings have improved quite significantly, now sitting at position 29. An improvement of 21 places.

As we can see from the current rankings, the positions have almost halved, compared to where it was before we implemented the H1 tags.

Next phase: Alt tags

Implementation date:  3/11/2017

We are now on the last stage, adding in images. I have inputted 2 images in to my page, they are not stylistic at all and are just placed for the alt tags.

They both contain the same alt tag “dynamic content SEO”.

Since the implementation date, they have had no impact on rankings and continue to hover around the 29 ranking mark.


After a month of testing, I have concluded that you can competitively rank for a low search volume keyword without any unique or long-form content on the page. Of course, this test had a lot of varying factors and was not under strict testing conditions. It should be taken as a pinch of salt.

Featured Image Photo Source: Pixabay

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