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Hello and welcome, this is the website Toms Mind. The purpose of this website is to blog about a subject that is my career, SEO. I will be covering a whole host of other related topics, this include but are not limited to business, content marketing, mobile marketing, economics and much more. I will be using this website as a place to put my thoughts, ideas, innovations and general ramblings.

Google has become a necessity for both everyday users and businesses. The evolution and continuing evolution of this company astounds me. I have been involved in what I describe as a love-hate relationship with this search giant for over 10 years. I work full-time as a digital marketing manager that specialises in SEO.

Everything created on this website is my own personal opinion and has not been influenced by any outside factors. If I create an SEO experiment on this website and receive certain results, this by no means reflects the community or what the hot giant Google is doing.