Even if you are not in the digital environment, it is highly likely that you will have heard about the topic artificial intelligence, or simply, AI. And no, I am not referring to having watched Terminator.
With AI integrating itself into our mainstream lives, it is an interesting topic. Take for example smartphones, they have embedded little AI’s that act as personal assistants, we have Siri & Cortana as good examples.

Amazon has released the Echo and Dot. While you may not necessarily think of these as crazy, blood-driven AI’s. They are the beginning.
Did you know that Facebook has been working in the area of AI, as most tech giants are. They recently they had to shut down their AI program due to the 2 programs talking to each other in their own unique language.

Whilst the language they spoke was complete nonsense, it shows that our technology is progressing to the point of slight sentience.
As covered by a previous post Google has created their own AI called Rankbrain. Rankbrain is just one part of the equation, AI is developing in other areas too. Deep learning or neural networks are being created to help improve the usability and readability of data. Machines will be able to dig down further than ever before, analyse metrics and give insightful, actionable data.
Let us use an in-house example, machine learning programs will enable computers to analyse large sets of data and make informed decisions about what optimisation efforts will shoot them to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPS’s).
While it is still in its infancy, this may not be possible, but in a few short years, this could become a reality.

As machines start to get smarter and have a better understanding of humans and our nature, it will force SEO’s to change their tactics. Whereas before, updates were very granular, this is constantly moving and adapting.
Through a better understanding of our human nature, search engines will begin to dig down into personalisation and behavioral data. This will help brands deliver a tailored and consumer focused approach.

As you can guess by the name “natural language processing” means understanding the way we naturally speak better. As AI improves, so will search engine’s ability to understand voice searches.
Chabot’s are currently a great achievement in the field of AI, many users will interact with a chatbot frequently on an eCommerce website, for example, unaware that it is completely automated. You simply inform the bot what service/product you desire and away it goes. Returning the information you asked for.

This is a truly fascinating time that we live in, especially for anyone in the digital environment. Whether coder, SEO, or whatever, our world is about to change because of AI.


My name is Thomas Matthews and I started my love of SEO in the little seaside town of Bournemouth. This was over 2 years ago and since then I have never looked back. SEO and marketing has become part of my nature and my future. I am passionate about everything SEO and love constantly learning, you will always catch me reading articles, experimenting in code, learning every aspect of the online landscape.