What Is A Start-up

In recent years, no matter the walk of life you are from, you would have heard the term start-up. Immediately you begin to think of hoodie-wearing, ping pong playing craft beer drinkers that barely work. Let me dispel something now, this is certainly not true. First of all, not all Read more…

The Future Of SEO

AI and SEO: The Future Of SEO?

Even if you are not in the digital environment, it is highly likely that you will have heard about the topic artificial intelligence, or simply, AI. And no, I am not referring to having watched Terminator.
With AI integrating itself into our mainstream lives, it is an interesting topic. Take for example smartphones, they have embedded little AI’s that act as personal assistants, we have Siri & Cortana as good examples.

4 Best Free Online Tools

4 Best Free Online Tools

Everyday upon waking up after a long slumber I turn on my computer and open 3 out of my 4 favourite free web tools- Trello, Slack and Google Drive. The fourth and final tool is Typeform, not a daily tool, but nevertheless simply outstanding for free.