Work With Me

There are times when I just want to put my feet up, have a nice hot cup of coffee and binge watch my favourite show, as we all do. When moments like this happen, I look to fellow technology enthusiasts to help pad out my blog and provide worthy readable content.

If you are looking to collaborate or suggest ideas for my blog, then please get in contact. I am PR friendly and welcome ideas.

All content that is posted on my site needs to be original and written to a high standard of English, this helps to create consistency across the site. (I will read all articles beforehand)

If required I can provide images for collaborations however this service may be charged at a fee. If you are willing to provide adequate media for the content then you must ensure that you have permission to use the images you send over. I don’t particularly want a DMCA filed against my website.

Lastly, I am very open-minded when it comes working with various different clients. However, I do have the right to refuse to work with anyone based on whether or not I feel the collaboration would benefit my readers.

If you are happy with those easy and simple terms, then please get in contact by using the form below.