I launched a website, TrueFlakeOut, in May of this year. The idea was to use a dropshipping company to produce t shirts with hashtags and slogans from social media and ones that I came up with myself. I was new to the concept of marketing, but I thought I would give it a shot.


The most evident failure after the first few weeks was design. I had no experience of graphic design or using design software like photoshop or illustrator, but I was suddenly pushed into a position where I needed to design: a logo, various t shirts and a website. However, I gave it a shot. I used mobile apps and other free software, like GIMP, to produce the images I needed and uploaded them to the website.
I sat back and waited to see how the public would take it. The response was … not good. I received many heavily critical emails and messages. After a while I took the decision to disable the website and take a step back and re-assess the business.


Two months went by with the website disabled. In that time I had acquired Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and spent my evenings learning how to use these pieces of software. After some vigorous market research I had completely re-branded and produced an entirely new range of social media t shirts, all made properly using the correct software and in a style that I found popular amongst many social media users.
I get to where I am today. I have an eCommerce business that has been live for a week. I have products and designs that have been well received by initial product tests. However one of the biggest successes I have found is that, thanks to eCommerce and dropshipping, despite having a length of time with the business closed and the initial failure I have not been left out of pocket.

/* This company is no longer trading */


My name is Thomas Matthews and I started my love of SEO in the little seaside town of Bournemouth. This was over 2 years ago and since then I have never looked back. SEO and marketing has become part of my nature and my future. I am passionate about everything SEO and love constantly learning, you will always catch me reading articles, experimenting in code, learning every aspect of the online landscape.