When it comes to being assertive and dominating at work, you may think it takes a special type of person, but the reality is, it doesn’t. Certain people just don’t let their actions be governed by low-confidence.

The difference being is that some people choose not to show it and adapt their lives to feel the best they can, and when you feel your best; you act your best. This article will not teach you how to become as confident as Conor McGregor, nor will it turn you into a muscle bound hulk that destroys everything in its path. It will give you my personal sure-fire ways to feel great every day, and when you feel great, the world changes and becomes a playground of possibilities.

Rise Early and workout

I am a firm believer of rising early. That old-age saying “the early bird gets the worm” rings true with me. I love getting up at the crack of dawn- 5am is my time. It adds a certain mystery to the day, knowing that very few people are awake as you stare out into that early sunrise.

Rising early is only half the battle, use this golden opportunity to get yourself to the gym, nothing wakes you up better. It will give you energy throughout the day and keep your diet on the clean knowing you already have put in work. I mean why would you want to blow it after sweating away calories? If you are a weight-lifter then you will feel stronger and develop that “I already feel bigger and better” walk.

Eat for success

They say working out equals 20% of the battle, the remaining 80% is diet. I believe this to be true, an hour working out is easy compared to the constant battle of eating right. But the key to confidence and keeping energy levels high all day is that you need to eat well. Complex carbohydrates and plenty of fruits, veg, and protein should be a staple in our diet.

Always start your day right, a hearty and healthy breakfast will keep you sharp, focused and soaring. Schedule regular little healthy snacks, as well as lunch throughout the day. No more will you have the coffee and cake crash mid-afternoon

Dress the part

Now, this part is tricky. Dressing the part is essentially subjective as what you think looks great, others will tell you otherwise. Of course, there are work-place essentials everyone should own, that good old black pencil skirt, the brilliant white shirt etc….

To project confidence throughout the day, what you need to do is find what you think you look good in. What makes you feel confident? Is it that tight fitting jumper? Those brand new high heels? The point is, when you wear something you genuinely love and feel great in, your body language changes. You will project and hold yourself in a different manner. People notice this. No more will you slouch, hold your head down while walking, or appear un-sociable.

While these tips may not be ground-breaking, they are my essentials to increased confidence and, thereby, better work productivity and output.


My name is Thomas Matthews and I started my love of SEO in the little seaside town of Bournemouth. This was over 2 years ago and since then I have never looked back. SEO and marketing has become part of my nature and my future. I am passionate about everything SEO and love constantly learning, you will always catch me reading articles, experimenting in code, learning every aspect of the online landscape.